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Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

DCAC Therapy Program extends a special thank you to Chi Omega Christmas Market! With your support, the DCAC Therapy Program gives hope to children who have suffered from horrific acts of child abuse. Children receive hope for a future absent of the burdens they currently carry as a result of the abuse, burdens that affect their ability to be a kid, perform well in school, and progress toward a healthy and successful future. Your support directly impacts the lives of DCAC’s clients helping them "be unafraid" to live life fully and pursue their dreams!

Johnathan’s Place

As a result of Chi Omega’s generous funds, Johnathan’s Place was able to finance play therapy projects that are used in the organization. When children first enter Johnathan’s Place through the emergency shelter, they receive therapy on site by licensed counselors. Most children are 7 years and under when they first receive counseling. According to proven research, young children, especially around the age of 2 -3 years, greatly benefit from play research as they are not able to communicate their feelings. By providing them with situations that allows them to play with blocks, dolls or trucks, play therapy is used to help them recover from the trauma of the abuse and neglect and allows them to put the experience behind them and just be a kid again. The particular year that Johnathan’s Place received funding from Chi Omega Christmas Market and was able to put all the donations towards the play therapy project, over 400 children went through Johnathan's Place and about 50-60% of them benefited directly from play therapy.

Booker T. Washington High School

"The generous donation from the Chi Omega organization has helped build a stellar art facility that will enable generations of talented young arts students to further their studies in arts and academics. This is an investment in their future that will last a life time in giving back to their community." - Tracie Fraley, Principal, BTWHSPVA

Genesis Women’s Shelter

"The Chi-Omega Christmas Market has been an incredible source of support for Genesis Women's Shelter for many years. We are continually amazed at this partnership between actives and alumni who come together with such dedication and determination to stand behind the women and children of their community. The impact of Chi-Omega through the years can be seen throughout Genesis from the renovation of our Shelter living area, to our Outreach Office expansion, and most recently, our On-Site Alternative School," Jan Edgar Langbein – Executive Director, Genesis Women's Shelter.

In 2008, the Chi-Omega Christmas Market generously donated $38,000 in support the Bilingual Program at the Genesis Women's Shelter On-Site Alternative School. Every day children hear the message that they can be anything they want to be, but for those children living with domestic violence, too many obstacles stand in their way. Education takes a backseat to simply staying safe in their homes, and they are often labeled “discipline problems” at school as their emotions erupt. When English is their second language, problems can escalate in a traditional school setting.

Through this gift from the Chi-Omega Christmas Market, Genesis Women's Shelter has been able to institute a Bilingual Program at our On-Site Alternative School. Children have a bilingual Counselor and Case Manager who are available at a moments notice to offer assistance, deal with emotional problems and bridge the gap in their learning experience. Since our classroom doors opened in September 2008, we have already opened up a world of possibilities for dozens of children, and test scores continue to significantly improve as these children now have an educational environment that is free of judgment and unfair labels.

The partnership between Genesis Women's Shelter and Chi Omega allows miracles to happen every day, and those miracles will continue for years to come. There are simply no words to describe the impact of this gift on the children of Genesis!

Make A Wish Foundation

"My family and myself (Ashley) would like to thank all of you for making one of my wishes, at this point in my life come true, you all truly was a blessing in my life, and I shall never forget the laughter that was in my families faces as each experiences was one to last, because the thoughtfulness of these who cared for me." Ashley, 17

I wish for . . . a super bedroom!
Eight-year-old Austin is an endearing little boy who loves interacting with different shapes, textures and sounds. Although he suffers from a life-threatening medical condition that limits his ability to communicate, Austin explores his world through touch, sight and sound. When his wish granters spoke with his mother about the perfect wish, she knew that a room filled with sensory toys would be just the thing for Austin.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of North Texas, Austin’s wish came true! With the help of Austin’s mom and therapist, the wish granters planned a fun and interactive bedroom that would appeal to all of Austin’s senses. On wish day, Austin’s house was overrun with volunteers and lots of exciting new sensory toys. Austin’s room was perfect! The floor was covered in comfortable mats and lots of colorful cushions. The entire room was divided into specific sections to meet all of Austin’s needs. One area of the room was the "cozy corner" complete with a therapeutic canopy for rest and relaxation. The "toddler" area was filled with sensory and discovery blocks of all colors and sizes. Soothing music was also playing in the background for Austin to enjoy.

Austin’s big eyes lit up as soon as he saw the room. When his mom put him in the canopy swing, a huge grin spread across his face; the swing was definitely his favorite item in the whole room. Austin new bedroom was the perfect wish for a perfectly wonderful boy and will provide hours of fun and adventure!

Travis’s ESPN Disney Adventure!

Seven-year-old Travis is a football fanatic. He loves to play football outside with his dad and brother, watch NFL and college football games on TV and create fantasy football teams on PlayStation. Although Travis struggles with a life-threatening medical condition, it doesn’t slow him down when it comes to the football field! When asked about his wish, Travis knew right away: he wished to go to Walt Disney World for the annual ESPN Weekend!

With a little help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of North Texas, Travis’s wish came true! It wasn’t long before Travis was on a plane with his mother, father and little brother headed to Orlando, Florida for a week of magical fun and, of course, lots of sports. Once they landed, Travis and his family headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort. A VIP guide from Walt Disney World escorted Travis to the park where his wish adventure would begin.

First, Travis and his family explored the famous Magic Kingdom, a 7-theme land with more than 50 attractions including Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Toon Town. Travis enjoyed the daily parade down Main Street U.S.A., rode lots of rides, met every Disney character imaginable and snacked on all his favorite foods. It was a no holds barred week of fun!

While Travis loved everything at Magic Kingdom, he couldn’t wait for the ESPN Disney events at the Wide World of Sports Complex. He was thrilled to meet all his favorite sports stars and to see them in action. Travis was a special guest at ESPN Disney and felt like a celebrity as he met tons of professional athletes.

Travis’s incredible week came to a close too soon, and it was time for him to head back to Texas. He loved his Disney and ESPN adventures and will treasure all the memories for years to come…and make a few friends jealous in the meantime!

Dallas Children's Theater

Chi Omega's support helps DCT serve an annual average of 250,000 children and their families. As ticket sales and tuition only cover a portion of our costs, your financial support is critical to introducing North Texas children and families to the magic of live theater. The research proves this type of creative learning really does ignite the brain cells in a whole different way. Your generous gift in support of DCT Curtains Up On Reading enables us to continue reaching out to young and underserved audiences.

LETOT Center

Chi Omega's support will enable the Girls' Center to begin transforming the lives of exploited and neglected girls in our community - as well as help create a national model for other communities to emulate. Our Dallas Police Department partners tell us that this project is already receiving attention around the country and is being watched closely.

Metrocrest Services

“The Chi Omega Christmas Market has a rich history in providing support to our community and Metrocrest Services was honored to be among other nonprofits that benefited from the market. Funding provided for our Sack Summer Hunger program helped feed over 1,600 children with close to 114,000 meals during the 2018 summer.” – Mr. Tracy Eubanks, CEO, Metrocrest Services